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Call No. Book Title Author
426 Anne Frank`s tales from the Secret Annex FRANK , Anne
427 Annihilation of caste Ambedkar, B R
428 Annual Report 1996 Calicut University
429 Annual Report 2000 KANG, Sukhdev Singh
430 Anointing of the Sick RAHNER , Karl
431 Another country Joseph, Anjali
432 Another Man`s wife Bajaj, Manjul
433 Answers to Confidential Sex Questions SWAROOP , R
434 Answers to Praise CAROTHERS, Merlin R.
435 Antarrashtriya atangvad Saighal, Vinod
436 Antenna and wave propagation PRASAD, K D
437 Antenna and wave propagation SALVIA, Vijay Kumar
438 Antenna and wave propogation GAUTAM, A K
439 Antenna theory analysis and design Balanis, Constantine A
440 Antenna theory and design Elliott, Robert S
441 Antenna theory and practice Rajeswari Chaterjee
442 Antennas and wave propagation Kraus, John D
443 Antharika Saukyam Ranjithachan
444 Antharjanam: Memories of a namboodiri woman Nilayamgode, Devaki
445 Antherdhara BASHEER , M.M
446 Anthichayunnu SREEDHARAMENON , Vailoppilli
447 Anthills of the savannah ACHEBE, chinua
448 Anthiveyilile Ponnu SREEDHARAN,Perumpadavam
449 Anthology of Catholic Poets KILMER , Joyce
450 Anthology of commonwealth poetry NARASIMHAIAH, C D