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Call No. Book Title Author
226 Advanced theory of semiconductor devices HESS, Karl
227 Advances in cloud computing Ranjan, Rajiv
228 Advances in cognitive science SRINIVASAN, Narayanan
229 Advances in computer vision and information technology KALE, K.V.
230 Adventure of Christmas Pudding CHRISTIE, Agatha
231 Adventure of Criticism Iyenger Sreenivasa
232 Adventure stories for Boys King, Clive
233 Adventure stories for girls Bradbury, Ray
234 Adventures and thrills DUMAS, Alexandre
235 Adventures of Huckleberry Finn TWAIN, Mark
236 Adventures of Ideas WHITEHEAD , Alfred North
237 Adventures of sherlock holmes DOYLE, Arthur Conan
238 Adventures of Tom Sawyer TWAIN, Mark
239 Advertisement and publicity Agarwal, N P
240 Advertising AHUJA , B.N
241 Advertising and promotion: An integrated marketing communications perspective Belch, George E
242 Advertising basics: A resource guide for beginners VILANILAM, J V
243 Advertising management concepts and cases Mohan, Manendra
244 Advertising mangement JETHWANEY , Jaishri N
245 Aeneid Virgil
246 Aesop`s Fables Aesop
247 Aesthetic Communication : The Indian Perspective JHANJI , Rekha
248 Aesthetic Dimensions of Religious Education DURKA, Gloria
249 Affirming the Human and the Holy AGUDO, Philomana
250 Affluent Society GALBRAITH, John Kenneth.