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Call No. Book Title Author
476 Apani keval dhar Kamal, Arun
477 Apani unki bath Prakash, Uday
478 Aparajithan BANDOPADHYAYA , Bhibhuthibhushan
479 Aparath our bhrashtachar ki rajaneethi Singh, Nirmal Kumar
480 Apologetics and the Biblical Christ DULLES , Avery
481 Apologia Pro Vita Sua NEWMAN , John Henry Cardinal
482 Apologia Pro Vita Sua NEWMAN, John Henry
483 Apology for poetry Sidney, Sir Philip
484 Apology for Wonder KEEN , Sam
485 Apostolate of Christian Renewal ZIMMER, Luke
486 Apostolate of Suffering EITEN, Robert B.
487 Apostolate to the Sick : A Guide for the Catholic Chaplain in Health Care Facilities The National Association of Catholic Chaplains
488 Apostolic Renewal ZIMMER, Luke
489 Application of Social Psychology to clinical Practice BREHM, Sharon. S.
490 Application specific Integrated circuits Smith, Michael John Sebastain
491 Applications and design with analog integrated circuits JACOB, J Michael
492 Applied communication research Judith, M
493 Applied crytography: Protocols, Algoritms and source code in C Schneier, Bruice
494 Applied electronics and instrumentation DHIR,S M
495 Applied English grammar and composition Das, P C
496 Applied English grammar and composition: Anglo-Hindi for Hight school Das, P C
497 Applied language and linguistics Kumar, Umesh
498 Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis JOHNSON, A. Richard
499 Applied numerical analysis Gerald, Curtis F
500 Applied numerical analysis. Gerald, Curtis F