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  Self Study Report for the NAAC visit 2015.
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1.      ChairmanDr. Shaijan Paul ( Principal)

2.      Coordinator, NAAC Steering CommitteeDr. Dhanya Menon

(Associate Professor, English)

Committees Constituted for Preparing the Criteria wise Inputs

1.      Criterion I – Curricular Aspects

Dr. Soumya Starlet (Chief), Dr. Sukanya Menon, Prof. Sajitha Joseph, Prof. Hima Vincent


2.      Criterion II – Teaching, Learning and Evaluation

Prof. Jeetha Johny Chungath (Chief), Prof. Uma Devi, Prof. Binoj Jose, Prof. Jibish Mathew


3.      Criterion III – Research, Consultancy and Extension

Dr. E. Sandhya (Chief), Dr. Prameela Madhu, Dr. Milu Maria Anto, Prof. Deepthi Pisharody


4.      Criterion IV – Infrastructure and Learning Resources

Dr. Binu P. Chacko (Chief), Dr. Monsy Edward, Prof. Rincy T.A, Prof. Anton Joseph


5.      Criterion V—Student Support and Progression

Dr. K.T. Joju (Chief), Prof. Ceena Mathews, Dr. Nice Mary Francis


6.      Criterion VI—Governance, Leadership and Management

Dr. Mary Paul (Chief), Prof. Simi Varghese, Dr. Jaya A.T, Prof. Shinta Nellai


7.      Criterion VII—Innovations and Best Practices

Dr. K.V. Pauly (Chief), Dr. Dhanya Menon

Updated on: 15 Jul 2010

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