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 Profile of Dr. Fr. Harshajan Pazhayattil

         Dr. Fr. Harshajan  Pazhayattil OFM, Cap. is the Founder - Director and Manager of Prajyoti Niketan College, Pudukad, (Aided & Affiliated to the University of Calicut) which has been instituted as an International Centre for Research, Training and Service in Wholistic Approach.  Dr. Fr. Harshajan is an internationally acclaimed Clinical Psychologist, much sought after orator, erudite scholar and well known writer.  He has visited above 25 countries and is a visiting Professor in many of the renowned Universities. He is the only person in Asia with a doctorate in Holistic Approach. He had completed his doctoral studies under Dr Rollo May from Berkeley University, USA. Fr Harshajan is also credited with integrating the Eastern (Indian Patanjali Yoga) and Western approaches into one single system of Therapy in Clinical Psychology. He was awarded Rs. 500,000 for this innovation by the Asian Therapeutic Association. In 2008, J C International conferred on him the award for the best College in the region. Dr. Fr. Harshajan Pazhayattil was awarded ‘Shiksha Bharathi Puraskar’, a national award given for contribution in the field of academics and social service in 2011 at New Delhi. He has been elected as Senate Member in the University of Calicut.  


Updated on: 27 Sep 2016

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