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 1.  Mrs. Rosemary P G                Office Superintendent
 2.  Mr. Antoo K D                          Librarian (UGC)
 3.  Mrs. Susmy Johnson             Technical Assistant
 4.  Mr. Charli V R                          Technical Assistant
 5.  Dr. Paul J Alappat                    Head Accountant
 6.  Mr. Antoo M L                           U D Clerk
 7.  Mrs. Thankamany N T             L D Clerk
 8.  Mr. Saji Jose P                         L D Clerk
 9. Mr. Jose M O                            Lab Assistant
10. Mrs. Elsy A P                           Library Assistant
11. Mr. Benny T J                          Library Assistant
12.Mr. Dor Bahadur B C              Office Attendant

13. Mrs. Seena Antony T              Office Attendant
14. Mrs. Shiji K J                            Temporary Staff
15. Mrs. Francis Fioona                 Temporary Staff

16. Mrs. Reshma Babu                  Temporary Staff                                                                                                                                                     


Updated on: 03 May 2013

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